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Triunity joins Lochner!

We are excited to announce that Triunity, Inc. has been acquired by Lochner, a leading provider of infrastructure planning and engineering services across the United States.

Together, we look forward to delivering unparalleled program management, construction management and engineering services, further embedding our core values of competence, character, client-focus and community in everything we do.

Shaping & enriching our communities nationwide through engineering and program/construction management services

Triunity, Inc. is a professional services firm, providing engineering and program management/construction management (PM/CM) services for some of the nation’s most challenging transit, transportation, aviation, water/wastewater, and public infrastructure projects.


ST3 Cost Estimate

Serving markets in both public and private sectors


Municipal Infrastructure

Roads & Highways

Transit / Railroad

Water / Wastewater

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Industrial water pump in Spokane, WA.

SPU Spokane St. Pump Station Improvements


POS Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) APM Train Control and Design

Pena Blvd

DEN Peña Boulevard Improvements Project Phase I


“Triunity has demonstrated good work practices and adapts easily to the Authority’s processing procedures, which are very specific. I would contract again with the firm.”

- Program Manager for major public transportation agency (MBTA)

Discover what makes Triunity, Inc. unique

At Triunity, we believe in adding value to our communities and our industry. By partnering with those in our communities, we strive to continuously deliver projects that exceed our clients’ expectations and elevate the cities we work and live in. We believe that strategic partnerships and diversity strengthen our performance and longevity.

Triunity engineer. Subsurface utility engineering project. Optic fiber.
Triunity staff volunteering at local community center.
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