Serving markets in both public and private sectors

Triunity, Inc. is dedicated to serving the transit/railroads, roads and highways, aviation, water/wastewater, and municipal infrastructure markets. In close partnership with our clients, we enrich our communities by providing integrated and sustainable solutions. However complex the program or project may be, we are able to transform challenging requirements into effective and operational outcomes. At Triunity, we specialize in turning ideas into dynamic and cost-effective functionality.

Sound Transit commuters in Seattle, WA.
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Aviation Replacement


The growth of domestic and international aviation traffic presents particular challenges for essential airport redevelopment and the design of more complex airport management systems. Triunity understands that this requires even greater efficiency, safety, security and passenger facility measures to be implemented. Our aviation expertise includes planning, program and project management, program and project controls, complex terminal, baggage handling, security, terminal and airfield electrical upgrades, and central utility plant construction. We are experienced in facilitating comprehensive program management support services for large-scale, complete projects and public agency clients.


Municipal Infrastructure

Local and state municipalities are always striving to upgrade their public infrastructure. Whether it's updating existing civil systems or constructing entirely new networks, municipal infrastructure projects improve communities and shape the lives of the people within them. Triunity has led and supported a variety of these initiatives across the country and continues to sharpen their expertise with each new project they accomplish.

WSP WSDOT Interstate Bridge Replacement

Roads & Highways

We understand that meeting the increasingly and consistently changing travel demands requires innovative processes, strong team-building and interdisciplinary collaboration. It also requires a full commitment to the challenging responsibilities of developing sustainable systems, creative new technologies, more stringent environmental regulations and increasing traffic bring changes to the management, construction and efficiency of road infrastructure.

Sound Transit rail line

Transit / Railroad

Public transportation services not only provide mobility, but they also generate economic growth and support environmental policies. Transit and rail are shifting from being an alternative means of transportation to becoming the primary option for commuters. Transit ridership is expected to continue its rapid rise. The professionals at Triunity are able to meet and support these rising demands and expectations by consistently looking at standard industry solutions in ways that allow mobility systems to evolve and adapt. Our project managers, specialists, and subject matter experts (SMEs) have provided expertise on transit systems including light rail, commuter rail, and bus rapid transit (BRT).

A worker alongside an open municipal wastewater pipe, conducting repairs.

Water / Wastewater

By providing services that update and replace water and wastewater facilities with state-of-the-art solutions and more efficient water management systems, Triunity helps to sustainably regulate the pressures of critical water resources and operations.