HDR Tacoma Link Extension Final Design

ST Tacoma Link Expansion

Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

Low Voltage Electrical and Security Systems


The Tacoma Link Expansion project extends the existing 1.6 mile long rail line by 2.4 miles with six new stations and one relocated station.  The project also includes expanding the existing Operations and Maintenance Facility (OMF) located on 25th St. near the Tacoma Dome Station. Two-way train tracks will be in existing road lanes shared with cars and buses and will be compatible with on-street parking and existing bicycle facilities.

Triunity is responsible for the design of the mainline communications systems including the fiber optic backbone network, CCTV surveillance systems, radio communications, and access control systems.  For the OMF expansion facility, the team manages development of the Building Management System (BMS), fire alarm system, security systems, and PBX phone system.  Additional activity includes developing a feasibility study and specifications for an Automatic Vehicle Location system and GPS-based Transit Signal Priority.