Palm Springs Highway and the Cityscape. Palm Springs, California, United States. Coachella Valley.

CVAG Regional Traffic Signalization Project

Coachella Valley, CA

Coachella Valley, CA

Program Management and Controls

Municipal Infrastructure

This project, located in the Coachella Valley, consists of upgrading the local agencies’ existing legacy (outdated) traffic signal controllers, traffic management systems, and communication systems with the latest off-the-shelf technologies in order to provide inter-agency traffic signal synchronization along three regional roadways including Highway 111, Ramon Road, and Washington Street. The project improvements include advanced traffic management systems (ATMS), advanced transportation controllers (ATC), selected Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) elements, ITS sub-systems, and Ethernet/IP-based communications that will be expandable and scalable for future integration of ITS technologies and strategies, such as Integrated Corridor Management (ICM), Smart Cities, and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

Triunity was selected as a sub-consultant to TKE Engineering, Inc. The inspection team will provide ITS construction management oversight to upgrade legacy traffic signal controllers and traffic management systems, and interconnect ten agencies with the latest technologies to provide inter-agency traffic signal synchronization along three regional corridors (Highway 111, Washington, and Ramon). Triunity is specifically providing: Integration management and oversight of SCRUM Team for the duration of Phase I, including: Arterial Management System for travel times and congestion reporting, fiber and wireless backbone to connect agencies and intersections, firewalls to protect communications between agencies, installation of controllers region-wide, and Smart Transportation Management Platform (STMP) allowing exchange of information and controls between back-up TMCs and Regional TMC, among other tasks. Project controls responsibilities include scheduling, constructability, contract administration, resident engineers during construction, and electrical inspection. The project kicked off in Fall of 2020 and Phase 1 will be complete in 2022.