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CCD Smart Cities – Fiber Audit

Denver, CO

Denver, CO



As part of the Smart Cities Initiative, the City & County of Denver has requested a fiber audit/evaluation of their current communications infrastructure. This project originally started with District #1 and expeditiously expanded to eight (8) other districts.

Triunity is conducting a Fiber Audit/Evaluation for the City comprised of the following details: 

  • This audit is intended to evaluate and report the overall fiber infrastructure conditions and ITS network across the Denver region. Triunity technicians conduct field observations and prepare reports on pull boxes, fiber optic cables, splice enclosures, conduit systems, and overall functionality conditions.
  • In relation to the information provided through GPS satellite location, the City of Denver can input all data into a GIS mapping system, which is commonly used when pinpointing and tracking outages/faults that may have occurred.
  • Locations of application may include: traffic signals, road signs, weathering stations, and any other areas fiber optic communications are present. 
  • Project scope elements include: collection of traffic fiber network data, evaluation reports, mapping of network details, and document control.
  • City of Denver project and deliverable goals include: maintenance plans, identifying any future projects, network reliability, & safety plans (i.e transportation/fire/police), and current system upgrades.