ATP Independent Cost Estimating

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

Program Management and Controls


The Orange line is 20.8 miles of light rail expansion through downtown Austin and includes major utility work, roadway improvement, tunneling, open cut and cover tunnelling, at—grade, aerial and underground stations, numerous bridges, trackwork, park and rides, retaining walls, traction power and systems. The Blue Line is an 8.2-mile LRT extension which incorporates similar elements to the Orange Line including cut and cover stations, structures, at-grade, underground and aerial stations, track, SEM tunneling, utility work, traction power and systems. This scope of work also includes the cost of a Combined Maintenance Facility (CMF) and yard. Triunity led the independent cost estimating efforts including the construction elements listed above as well as, real estate, vehicles, and professional services. The cost estimate was constructed following FTA’s Standard Cost Categories and provided guidance to the affordability of ATP’s program.