Capability Integration Environment (CIE) – Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base


Triunity served as the prime contractor for the U.S. Air Force’s Global Combat Support System – Capabilities Integration Environment (CIE), providing an IP network and software test and development environment that met the USAF’s standards and enables efficient application development, configuration and integration. Since Triunity began work on the IP network, it has grown from a single multi-layer switch to a network containing multiple routers, eight enterprise class switches and more than 3,000 Ethernet ports.  Triunity also managed more than 13,000 user accounts and over 40 large scale, multi-tier applications.

Key elements of the project included management of more than 400 physical servers that operates nearly 800 virtual servers, support of more than 300TB of SAN storage accessible over a 4BG fiber channel network, management of a robust backup and archive capability with 140TB of storage and development of root cause analyses for application issues.  Triunity also provided baseline reviews, development of Acquisition Strategy and design, and implementation of the program’s Award Fee process.